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Nintendo DS Lite - Polar White
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Product: Hits: 874Nintendo DS Lite - Polar White 
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Updated on 2014-03-11 09:16

Absolutely! This new DS Lite is a huge joy, especially if you already use a regular DS. Here are some reasons: - Much lighter, smaller, and more compact than the regular DS, but much better screens, sound, graphics, and voice recognition - Fit and finish is hugely better than the regular DS - The screens are hugely brighter, have vivid dense colors, and produce fantastic game graphics and video - The battery charges in 1/2 the time and lasts 2X longer - The microphone and voice recognition is 100X better - The stylus us much better - longer and thicker - The game ports are finished better and in better places - It costs less than the old regular DS - The games are much more lifelike on a DS - The new start button location is much better - The white color and new surface finish is terrific - The wireless and WiFi works better than most computers - Playing against others online or all in the same house (wirelessly) works fantastic and is so easy to do - Run, don't walk, to get a new one right away - online works!